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Local Rules

OGC Standing Local Rules

(to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and any Temporary Local Rules)


  • Out of Bounds (Rule 18)
    Applies to balls beyond property fences or any internal boundaries that are marked by white posts with black tops.


  • Lost or Out of Bounds
    Out of Bounds or ball not found within 3 minutes. (where a provisional ball has not been played)
    The player can either replay the last shot for a one shot penalty (stroke and distance), OR to speed up play, may drop a ball, with a two shot penalty, in a clear area adjacent to the point at which the ball was deemed to have entered the out of bounds or lost ball area, not nearer the hole. This does not mean the middle of the fairway, but the nearest area that is clear of obstacles. eg: trees on the 9th/18th fairway.

    Note: This does not apply to a ball reasonably certain to be lost in a hazard, where Rule 17 applies (one shot penalty).

  • Penalty Areas
    All penalty areas are defined by red stakes. Note: The bridges on the 6th/15th hole (both front & left) are part of the penalty area. Grounding of club allowed. No relief from gravel allowed without penalty.


  • Embedded stones and pavers
    Relief may be taken if embedded stones, rocks or pavers interfere with the area of the player’s intended swing anywhere
    on the course (Except in penalty areas) Rule 25.1 applies.

  • G.U.R.
    Relief MUST be taken in these areas, the margins of which are defined by white stakes and/or lines. This includes the machinery & pump sheds, and tanks etc. alongside the 7th/16th fairway.


  • Compulsory drop zone
    Players are prohibited from entering the pond behind the 7th/16th green. A player whose ball enters the pond (regardless of the amount, or lack, of water present), MUST take a compulsory drop in the adjacent Drop Zone. (One shot penalty).


  • Staked Trees
    If a tree, identified by a stake, interferes with a player’s stance or area of intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted without penalty and dropped in ​accordance with Rule 24.2b.


  • Irrigation Equipment
    Includes sprinkler heads, pit covers and white posts covered with protective baskets. If a ball comes to rest on or against such equipment or the intended swing or stance is affected, the ball may be dropped at the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole, without penalty. (Rule 16 applies).​

OGC Temporary Local Rules

(to be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and any Standing Local Rules)

  • There are currently no Temporary Local Rules

Where no penalty is identified within a local rule, the penalty for breach of a local rule is:




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