Life Members Appreciation Day

Saturday June 23 was Life Members Appreciation Day, an event held each year to honour the contribution made to the Club by Life Members.

Winner of the Life Members' Trophy, S Collins (third from right) with, left to right, Captain, Ben Birtles, Life Members, Max Jenkins, Ron Wenzel, Colin (Snow) O'Reily, Jim Knight Jnr, Mary Parkyn, Ross Prosser


                                                                      FROG Day


A very successful Fun Round Of  Golf (Ambrose) was held on Sunday May 6 in perfect weather with the course presented in excellent condition.  Course director Grant Parker and his band of helpers deserve much credit for having the course in such great shape, especially considering the very dry spring/summer season. 


A pleasing aspect of the day was the number of visitors and the many younger people who participated.  One visitor was from Toowoomba in Queensland.


Players enjoyed a cooked breakfast prior to a shotgun start with food and drinks available on the course during play.  Nibbles were provided in the club house after the game when the successful teams were presented with their prizes. 

                                          President's Report July 2018

The first 3 months of your new Board has seen some minor changes implemented with captain Ben, taking on a more substantive role in being the face of the Club for all things golf and the directors and their sub committees being totally responsible for the day to day responsibilities of their portfolios.


This allows the Board to focus on the strategic and financial goals of the Club.


Grant and the course committee have been working tirelessly maintaining the course and preparing the new holes. Thank you to all concerned.


All sub committees have been working hard to continue to provide a trouble-free atmosphere in the day to day running of the Club.


There will be some work done to the clubhouse in the coming weeks - mainly repairs and painting. It may cause some inconvenience in the short term but the work will give new life to the clubhouse.


The Board has applied for several government and council grants and we are hopeful of some success.


Thank you to all our volunteers for their work around the Club.


Peter Murray

                    (See Gallery for more pics)

        Getting Instructions prior to start

The Winners! L - R Jeremy Dyson, Joshua Pym, Sam Graeber, Ben Birtles, 

  About to cut the 60th Cake

Pictured left - Jenny Schultz, Women's Captain with Life Members, Kath Wicks, Mary Parkyn, Diane Dowell

                                       Women's 60th Birthday Celebration

On Sunday April 15, some 50 guests enjoyed High Tea at the Oakbank Golf Club to celebrate 60 years of women’s membership. Women golfers held their first AGM on the 4th of May 1958 when they were associate members of the Club and paying one guinea for yearly membership.

In 1989 women officially became full members. The current women's captain, Jenny Schultz said the ethos of friendship, comradery and pride in the Club of the earlier days of women’s golf, continues today.   

Mary Parkyn, now a Life Member, was the first woman appointed to the Club's management committee.

New members are warmly invited to play in our women's competition on Tuesdays, or for women interested in learning the game while having fun, they can join the ‘Give Golf A Go’ on Thursday mornings. This is a social, 9 holes suitable for all ranges of ability, from beginners to those wanting a less formal golfing experience.


More details can be found on this website under the “Golf” heading, click on “Women's Golf”.


Captain's Report June 2018

                                            Oakbank Golf Club – Course Changes

Members may recall getting the following update (February 2018) on course developments from past president Dick Weeks:

You will recall that the Club, through the generosity of a loan from the Wenzel family, purchased the golf course from J and AG Johnston Ltd in June 2015.

In addition to providing the funds for the Club to purchase the course, the Wenzel family also paid the Club the market value for a portion of the golf course land.  The proceeds from the sale of this land substantially reduced the Club’s loan commitment and provided the Wenzel family with the opportunity to recoup some of their investment through development of the land.

The area of land to be developed (known as the ‘Township Land”) is shown in the attached drawing.

The development is subject to approvals by Council and other authorities and until this is achieved, the date of any commencement is unknown.  However, any developments will be done in consultation and cooperation with the Club as some changes to the course will be necessary as a consequence of the development.

Jim Knight has been appointed as the Club’s representative to liaise with the Wenzel family and their representatives on the development and to keep the Board informed.

Grant Parker is responsible for coordinating the course redesign and changes.

Course changes will essentially involve construction of new 8th/17th tees and a new green; new 9th/18th tees and redesign of the 9th/18th fairway.

Over the coming weeks you will see some work being undertaken on the course in preparation for the redesign works. This will include:          

trimming and removal of some trees and bushes in the vicinity of the proposed new 8th/17th green and bringing some topsoil onto the course (the soil has been donated; the Club is responsible for cartage)

If and when the development of the Township Land is approved, an information session will be held with members to outline the development and provide details of the proposed course changes.

The Board will provide further information to members as soon as it is a position to do so.

Dick Weeks


February 2018


Since then a lot of planning and a considerable amount of work has been done to implement the changes.


As can be seen from the pictures, the soil is onsite for the new 8th and 17th green and marking out has now been completed.  A few small trees and shrubs have been removed to make way for the alterations and once some stumps are removed, earth works will take place to establish the new green. Clearing of elm tree suckers to build a new tee block has started and once the green is established, work on the 8th/17th tee block will be undertaken - also see pics.


Incidentally, the new green will have a sand bunker – the second on the course.


Work will then commence on a new 9th/18th tee block which will result in a dog leg left approach to the 9th/18th green. This will necessitate removal of several more trees. Netting will be necessary behind this tee block to protect golfers from balls being teed off on the 8th/17th.


While the time for the land development referred to in Dick’s update is uncertain, course director Grant Parker is confident the 8th/17th green will be finished by Xmas and has stated that it should be playable a few months after. He said it would be ideal if the first ball of the season could be driven from the associated new tee to the new green on opening day, April 2019.


The associated pics should provide a bit more detail on the course changes

Hello All!

Even with the winter conditions setting in, player numbers are holding firm with Saturday competitions averaging 41 players over the last 5 weeks and Wednesday competition numbers are up 25% averaging 28. Jenny tells me the Ladies numbers are falling slightly so please help circulate that we are looking for players and members, not only for the Ladies but in general as well. It has been great to see so many Ladies playing in the Saturday competitions and we hope those numbers continue to rise.


Pennants teams have been well represented with the C1 Grade winning two matches and tying one, while the A2 have lost two but have looked positive. Next year we will look to encourage the return of the third side for Pennants with a continued focus on of playing for your club and the enjoyment of Match Play Golf.


With the efforts of Adrian Braddock, the inaugural Junior Open has a possible date, being the 4th and 5th of October 2018. Ben Traeger has also been an integral part of the creation of this event with the School Holiday competition to be held over two days and 18 holes at each course. If this event comes to fruition will need a band of volunteers as this event will hopefully bring a lot of new faces to the club. More information will be shared as we progress.


We would like to see playing numbers continue to increase so the match committee will put together a small survey which will be circulated to members to help find ways of increasing competition numbers and helping members play more golf more often. Alternatively, please feel free to approach Ray, David, Scott or myself with any ideas.


Kind Regards,  Captain Ben

                                                                              SA Women's Country Week Golf

The Oakbank Golf Club's women are always well represented at various competitions held during the golfing year and the recent SA Women's Country Week Golf was no exception.


Sara Manser and Annie Hunter both represented their club at the competition held at South Lakes. Annie played all three days and Sara played on the last day.  Partnered with Deb Christie (from Lameroo) in the foursomes competition, Sara and Deb came 2nd on a count-back.

Looking towards the new 8th/17th green from the proposed tee block - below the current 8th

Looking from the location of the new 8th/17th green back to the existing 8th tee

Looking up from the approximate location of the new 9th/18th tee. It will be a dog leg left fairway - hit over the current 8th/17th green (which will no longer exist) and then left onto the existing fairway

Marking out the new 8th/17th

For the latest update on course changes - scroll down


                                               Pym Birtles Trophy 


The inaugural Pym Birtles (Josh Pym and Ben Birtles)Trophy played on Saturday April 21 was an overwhelming success with some 60 players, including several from other clubs, competing for the trophy  valued at $200. Winners were George Papargiris and Greg Baschiera. Andy Pavy from the Strathalbyn Golf Club scored a remarkable four (out of a possible 6) nearest the pins and also featured in the prizes along with partner Leigh Hiscock. 


Food and drinks were available on the course and a schnitzel meal  

 provided post presentations  - all organised by Ben and Josh with assistance from their family members .


It's great to see our younger members taking the initiative and adding to the golfing and social aspects of our Club.

L-R Josh Pym, Greg Baschiera, George Papargiris, Ben Birtles 

                                                                                             Two in a Row

On Sunday, 8th of July, the Oakbank Pennants team played Willunga in the C1 Pennants Grand Final at South Lakes Golf Club. After losing to them two weeks prior, Oakbank went into the match as underdogs.


In blustery conditions, Joshua Pym and Simon Prior got the team off to a great start with victories of 7/6 and 5/4 respectively. Andrew Basford and Ian Harrington went down in tight tussles with their opponents. Sam Graeber fought on after being two holes back to halve his match in a brave display. Needing two more wins to secure victory, Club Secretary and Super Chef Bruce Macky stepped up to the plate, holing a 22 foot putt on the final hole of his match to win 1 up.

Spiritual Leader Arron 'Blu' Burzoni then put his opponent away in with a steadfast performance winning 3/1, sparking jubilant scenes in an overall 4 1/2 to 2 1/2 victory!


The "Super Cs" have now won two premierships in a row in a proud day for the club! 


Left to Right. Joshua Pym, Bruce Macky, Ian Harrington, Andrew Basford, Arron 'Blu' Burzoni, Sam Graeber, Simon Prior.

  Congratulations Guys!

Quote of the week:

"Around theTees"

One of our members who usually makes a sanger to take to golf decided to use Hot English Mustard with his ham. While eating it during the arvo it occurred to him that it wasn't very hot at all but put it down to his taste being off due a head cold.

Next day he found out his wife had saved some condensed milk in a Hot English Mustard jar!!!

Golfer: I'd move heaven and earth to break 100 on this course. Caddy: Try heaven, you've already moved most of the earth.

If you have a bit of gossip for "Around the Tees" please send to or whisper in his ear when you see him at golf. Any such info will be treated discretely! 

Course Changes - Update as of 4/7/18

It's all happening!  Grant Parker onsite discussing levels with earth-moving contractor. 2nd pic below showing the two levels of the new green. Below that again - Electrician Heath putting the finishing touches to the wiring of the new pump

Club adviser on trees, Andrew Basford (right) and his "apprentice" Grant Parker cut up a tree that had to be removed near the new 8th/17th green because it was considered a danger to golfers as a result of its split trunk. 

Playing in a recent Saturday competition, a member (who shall remain nameless but his name is on the associated tee sponsor sign) teeing off the 4th managed to land his ball accurately on the 13th.

His shot off from the 13th was a magnificent drive up the fairway. He obviously prefers teeing off from the 13th!  

The Painters_edited.jpg

It's happening everywhere!   Neville and Greg have commenced preparatory work on the painting of the inside of the club-rooms. Once some refurbishing work on the exterior is undertaken they will paint that too

Apparently visibility was seriously reduced on the road from Oakbank to Balhannah the other day as a result of Ron Wenzel being cajoled by the Knight brothers to use his ute to transport some old bore casings and other scrap metal down to Balhannah Salvage (one of our valuable sponsors).  Witnesses say it looked like a regular drust ( a new term for rust and dust) storm emitting from the rear of Ron's ute.

                                               Slippery Slope!

Playing in the recent Pinehurst competition, Darren Sterling's drive off the 4th left his playing partner, Matt Knight, an approach shot of about 140 metres. With the pin set to towards the back of the green, Matt duly

lobbed the ball directly in line and 1 foot from the pin. But it didn't stop there. It spun out of the plug and rolled, and rolled, you guessed it, right off the green! Matt was not exactly delighted.



Drawing of course changes - click to enlarge