28/2/19 Damian and Scott (in excavator) from Hunter Bros clearing elm trees behind old 8th tee before bulldozing it back to form the new tee

Work goes on removing trees and undergrowth around old 8th green to format the new one on 28/2/19 & 1/3/19 - images above courtesy Max Jenkins

        Wednesday March 6 2019 base for new 8th/17th tees almost completed

J & J Irrigation members, alias the Knight brothers, with captain, Ben Birtles, having completed the installation of irrigation pipes for the new 8th/17th green (Tuesday March 12, 2019)

Friday March 15 - turf rolled out on the upper level of the new 8th/17th tee.    Photo courtesy Grant Parker 

Volunteers rolling out the turf on the new 8th/17th tee. Above pics courtesy Max Jenkins

Old 8th tee - no more hitting from here

And, on Saturday March 16, after golf, volunteers level the surface and lay turf on the lower level of the tees.

In total 300 square metres of turf, valued at $2100 was laid. The turf was generously donated by Doug Fleet of Marne Valley Turf, one of the Club's platinum sponsors.